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Real-time remote sensing allows growers to diagnose areas of stress in their crop and address the underlying issues immediately. Our technology allows farmers to reduce their fertilizer inputs and treat blight in its earliest stages.

Below are some composite images generated using our multispectral imaging system. Healthier crop is red, while regions of stress are in blue. These images allow growers to identify problems and anomalies at a glance, saving time, money and energy and preventing potentially catastrophic losses from flooding, improper irrigation, insects, or disease.


Our system consists of a fixed-wing aircraft integrated with a custom multispectral imaging system, a wireless communications module used to transmit commands and receive live video from the aircraft, and computer software that performs basic analysis and uploads data to the cloud for further processing.


  • Ease of use - Our system is completely autonomous. Just program in the area to cover using the iPad app and press the takeoff button, and you can come back when the flight is over to collect your data.
  • Long range - With the ability to travel 40 miles on a single charge, you can cover your fields in a single pass, saving precious time and allowing the capture of higher-resolution imagery.
  • Flexibility - See something on the live feed that you want to check out in further detail? Just select the area in the iPad app, and the plane will go check it out for you at a lower altitude. When you're done, you can press a button to resume collecting your initially requested imagery.
  • High resolution - At 2cm/pixel resolution, variations in individual leaves are visible, allowing detection of disease in its earliest stages.
  • Actionable information - We provide more than just pretty pictures. Spectral data is analyzed to provide you with a comprehensive crop health report with specific action items.
  • Integration with existing software - Our fertilizer prescriptions are compatible with standard agronomy software and precision agriculture equipment. Imagery is georeferenced and orthorectified and can be imported into your GIS software of choice.

About Us

Grovio was founded by two college students from Southwest Virginia with over five years of experience in unmanned aerial systems design.

Sachith Gullapalli
Yale University '17

James Stewart
Virginia Tech '17

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